Athena Audit

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People of value. The values of people.

We make important promises to our clients: improve the transparency of their business processes; solve complex corporate problems; increase their ability to create value and manage risks. Promises like this cannot be kept without the responsibility and commitment of individuals. That is why not anyone can work for Athena Audit, but only those who share our values:

  • Excellence in everything we do.
    Never give the client what he expects. Excellence means surpassing his expectations through innovation and flexibility.
  • Believe in the team.
    A team is much more than the sum total of its members. It is for this reason that the best solutions always come out of the collaboration we build with our colleagues and clients.
  • The courage of being a leader.
    There are no shortcuts. There is a path we believe in and the courage to follow it, leading our clients and people with far-sightedness and integrity.

Athena Audit - Piazza Galvani, 3 - Bologna (Italy) - tel. +39 051 273015