Athena Audit

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Consulting services. The shortest path to take in order to achieve excellency.

There are lots of paths we can take to meet the needs of our clients, but all of the paths we take always have the same point of arrival: optimisation of the company’s performance. The main services provided by Athena Audit are:

  • Legal statutors audit
  • Voluntary auditing
  • Mandatory auditing
  • Extraordinary business operations assistance
  • Financial and Vendor Due diligence (including tax)
  • Assistance in litigation concerning accounting policies
  • Accounting organisation and establishment of internal procedures
  • Business risk analyses
  • Management control
  • organizational and Management model assistance according to legislative decree 231/2001
  • Assessments of equity assets and reports on congruity in acquisition operations

Athena Audit - Piazza Galvani, 3 - Bologna (Italy) - tel. +39 051 273015