Athena Audit

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A common path with clear rules.

So that the professional behaviour model that sets us apart is clear to everyone, we have established a code of ethics for ourselves. We have pinpointed five lines of conduct that cover all of our professional actions.

1. Work with Other Professionals.

We believe in open, straightforward collaboration that is founded on mutual respect and teamwork. We encourage and support the professional growth of our colleagues. 

2. Work with the Clients.

We are devoted to offering a service whose quality reflects our professional skills, a service that is always in line with the specific needs of the client.

3. Work with Professional Integrity.

We work in full observance of the laws and standards that govern our professional conduct. Although we keep a competitive approach, we reject all dishonest, illegal or unethical behaviour.

4. Retain our own Objectivity and Independence.

Our professional responsibility is based on objectivity and independence.

5. Honour Intellectual Wealth.

We honour and protect the confidential information our clients or third parties give us. We protect intellectual property with integrity and determination.

Athena Audit - Piazza Galvani, 3 - Bologna (Italy) - tel. +39 051 273015